Camping Les Tournesols de Beaulieu

Bar & Table d’hôtes

Eten op de campingOur Large barn, with a terrace in the front and rear is perfect for something to drink and eat. Many guest are visiting our barn in the morning after getting up for a cup of coffee. In the afternoon, a cold beer or a cocktail with appetizers, cheese plate or charcuterie plate is possible. As for a snack we also have fries, Dutch “Kroketten” and “frikandellen” on sale. For the healthy appetite we have healthy wraps and various homemade salads.

Every day in the evening it is possible to eat with the other guests around 19:00 in our restaurant. On the menu board at the barn you will find the daily menu. Our menu consists an appetizer, a main course, dessert and all drinks during the meal, which concludes (Irish) coffee or tea.

For the menu we charge € 17.50 up to € 21.50 per adult. Children under the age of 4 years are free of charge. Children between 4 years and 18 years pay half price. Until 10:00 in the morning there is the possibility to make a reservation for dinner. If you like to make a reservation for the day of your arrival? You can do so by the reservation form or by sending us an e-mail.


On our menu regularly:

  • Boeuf Bourguignon, a tasty French beef stew.
  • Coq au Vin, Chicken in red wine sauce.
  • Pork with ham, cheese and thyme from the oven.
  • Tournedos Charolais, a nice steak of our typical region cows.
  • Barbecue luxury, homemade skewers, chicken rolls, roast beef steaks, marinated veal cutlets etc. supplemented with “kid-friendly” choices.
  • “Hairdresser”, a typical Rotterdam shawarma platter that we prepare at the table with the ingredients of your choice
  • Chinese Noodles with satay from the barbecue and satay sauce. (peanut sauce)



Ook zijn wij altijd bereid om een “verzoeknummer” klaar te maken. Eenmaal per week hebben we een “kookvrije” dag waarbij we gezamenlijk bij Pizzeria La Palizza in Lapalisse verse pizza’s bestellen die we op de camping op het terras opeten.

We are always willing to make a specific dinner on request. Once a week we have a “boil-free day off”. On this day we are ordering pizza’s at the local local company Pizzeria La Palizza Lapalisse, that we eat at the campsite on the terrace.

The children regularly assist with the preparations of the dinner or set the table. Do you like to help then that’s always possible. And we give you a copy of the recipe on paper to take home if you like to.

All dishes are alternately served with a potato casserole, French fries and fresh vegetables or even a vegetable casserole with eggs. Usually a nice salad served with it. The dessert is often homemade. We can make yourself a delicious home made ice cream. We conclude with coffee or tea with in the dinner price and our Irish Coffee is often good in taste. When theIrish” is too strong, we make a perfect Bailey’s Coffee.

We always try to cook “fresh” so nothing should come from instant specimens, sauces etc.  We like the taste of fresh and local products and you will taste this in our menu’s.  With dietary and allergies needs, we take the utmost account. We do not server Haute Cuisine but a cozy Burgundian meal in a homely atmosphere.

If the kids are put to bed, then most parents will join the rest to play one last game of cards, darts or chess, while sipping a drink or make a final chat.

Bon Appétit