Camping Les Tournesols de Beaulieu

By train or aireplane

Our camping is located approximately 500 km away from Brussels and can be easy reached by car. Sometimes people prefer to come by train or airplane and also this is possible.

By train you can most likely come to us when you travel by Paris to Vichy or Moulins and by airplane you can fly on to Lyon or Clermont-Ferrand. From those airports you take the train to Vichy or Moulins.

To take the train to Vichy look for “Gare de Vichy”, Place de la Gare, 03200 in Vichy.

To take the train to Moulins look for “Gare de Moulins-sur-Allier”, Rue Philippe Thomas, 03000 in Moulins.

From here you can take a cab to Beaulieu, 03120, Saint Prix or you can contact us know in advance for a pickup at one of these stations. If you like more information about booking your trip do not hesitate to contact us.