Camping Les Tournesols de Beaulieu

Camping swimming pool

In the back of the garden behind the barn and house you will find our swimming pool. This large round swimming pool stands 1.30 meters above the ground and so we have placed it in a pit. The swimming pool is surrounded by a fence and you can enter the pool by a gate leading to a small bridge and the stairs.

The swimming pool measures a 7,5 meters in diameter and is 1.30 meters deep.We fill the pool with a total amount of 50.000 liters of water and we chance the water every year. On multiple moments during the day we are checking the “bacterial” condition of the water and during the season a official French agency will check it also. It is very important to us to make sure you can swim safely in our pool and for sure can’t get sick by it. There for the pool is open from 10.00 to 18.00. After 18.00 hours we close the pool for cleaning purposes. This means we will take out any dirt like leaves, hare and other visual material. After this our filter takes care of the non visual dirt flowing around in the pool. By this strict opening and closing hours we have up until now always be able to offer a crystal clear swimming pool with minimal use of chemicals.

A swimming pool brings lots of fun during the holiday if handled with care. To help yourself and us keeping the pool clean during the day we ask everyone and specially children to use the toilet before swimming. Before entering the pool there is a shower available to wash sand, lotion etc off. After leaving the pool we advice also to wash your self under the shower and make sure to dry the ears, tows ect.

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The swimming pool is perfect to swim around in, to cool down and play in with the children.

For law and security reasons the following rules apply. With a depth of 1.30 meters it is not allowed to dive in to the swimming pool. The frame around the swimming pool is not meant to sit on or exit the pool. Creating some sort of vortex by running around in the water stresses the frame of the pool and so this is not allowed. Use the pool with respect to make sure everyone can enjoy it.

The swimming pool is protected with a fence and a special door that is equipped with a special lock. This door lock can be opened by a double handling. You squeezes the handle and turn it at the same time. This lock is very difficult for your children and makes it very hard for them to enter the pool unattended. The door haze also a automatic closing system in it to prevent the door of standing open. Children under the age of 6 and all children without a swimming diploma are not allowed in or near the swimming pool without the supervision of a adult. Although for most guests this seems logical. For your, other guests and our security this rules and any additional advice made by the campsite owners need to be followed.

The swimming pool is opened from the 1st of July to the 1st of September.