Camping Les Tournesols de Beaulieu

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding in the Auvergne.

In the Auvergne and the Allier you will find lots of small roads that are perfect for Horseback Riding. At the camping we know many well trained horseriding schools that also offer a trip for tourist in the region. It is a experience for young and older people they never forget. While enjoying the beautiful nature of the Auvergne you are able to experience the way of horse riding.

The school we are using the haze it’s own certificate to take tourists on tour and have a lot of experience. Even if you have never ride a horse before they will give you a training and take you out in to the fields. For more experienced riders there are also more options to go out with one of the horses. For the children they offer also a “meet and greet” program where while playing games children starting from 6 years old can get there first touch with a horse.

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Booking a horse ride.

In most cases we can refer you to the contact details of this school or arrange the booking for you. If you as client of our campsite are interested in a horse ride in the Auvergne then we ask you to contact us by mail.