Camping Les Tournesols de Beaulieu

Our animals

Because we have a lot of terrain around the campsite we also have a lot of animals walking around. For most children a perfect moment to get in contact with these animals during there holiday and for some who are afraid of animals it is the way to get over it. Your child would not be the first one here who was afraid of dogs when he or she came and hug that same dog when leaving after a week. But in most cases the animals are behind fences or we take the animals away if it doesn’t work out.


We have two very sweet Labradors named Kaylee and Valcko. These dogs are walking around in the backyard by the swimming pool and terrace. They are used to the visitors on the campsite although they do bark sometimes. When you just say hello to them it is all fine by them again.

The blond dog is named Kaylee and comes from a dog rescue house. They found him tied up to a tree in a forest and so he does not like to walk attached to a line. He loves car travel and sleeping. Most of the time during the day he will look for a human foot to place it’s head on. Just to make sure that he wakes up when you walk away. He haves sometimes during the summer a sunshine allergy, This coses him to scratch his body from time to time. Just to let you know, these are not flees. And by turn children can help him out by washing him with cold water coming from the garden hose. He loves that.

The black dog is named Valcko. He also comes from a dog rescue house. As puppy he is probably beaten a lot and because of that he is still afraid for anyone who approach him with a stick, umbrella or folded newspaper for example. When this happens you will see that he backs off and start barking. When you then say, hey Valcko you come with me or something like that you see him thinking. Why did I bark, puts his head against your leg in a way like “I’m sorry” and then OK lets play. And play he do…. . No matter how old you are, pick up a stick after calling his name and he jumps around asking you to trow it. One problem he does not bring it back and invites you to chase him to get it back, good luck with that by the way :-).

As for all animals on the campsite counts we have one important rule. Animals are no toys.

Imagine there are 40 guests each hugging the dog 1 time per hour. By the end of the day they have easily been hugged 400 times and that by a temperature of 30 degrees! Imagine 10 children trowing sticks with Valcko 3 times. He easily runs 30 times 50 meters up and down the hill and simply forget it is hot that day.

Because of this it is possible we ask you and others during the day to leave the dogs alone. This haze nothing to do with you but is only to protect the dogs against them selfs.

In the same way. Feeding the animals without explicated approval by the campsite owners is not allowed. Although it looks nice to do so they can get really sick from it. If you have left overs from the dinner like salads, bread etc we welcome you to donate it at the bar. Once or twice a day we call all children to walk along to feed the animals who need feeding.

Hond campingHonden camping



We have some cats walking around to hunt down other small animals in the fields. Mouses, rats even small sort of snakes live here by nature. It’s the job of the cats to keep them away from our home and campsite. This also means that when you leave a peace of food unattended on the table the chance is that a cat will say “thank you very much”. Help them help you by keeping your own food in closed boxes and not unattended. Also do not feed the cats during dinner if you do so they keep coming back.

Camping poesCamping poes 2

Chickens and the rooster

Behind the toilet building there is a terrain for the chickens and the rooster. The walk around here and provide us with eggs on a daily basis. A nice place for the little once to see these animals up close. During your stay we invite children to walk with us to get the eggs out. If possible every child can take a egg home and when there are not enough eggs we make a list who is entitled to get a egg the next day.


We also have some birds. Nice pigeons and cockatiels who are living just at the side of the terrace in there own volière.

Ducks and fish

At the other side of the terrain you will find the ducks and fish swimming around in a small pond. This pond is protected with a fence but by the small bridge you have a nice view on them. During the days with a lot of sunshine you can even see the fish swimming around.


We also have two small goats. These goats are walking around and eat all day long. They are nice and sometimes under supervision it could be possible to give them a hug.

For all this terrains count, no entry is allowed without our supervision.