Camping Les Tournesols de Beaulieu

The large barn

De grote schuur op de campingThe large barn next to our house is built in 1906. The barn consist in the past 2 large parts for the cows and some small shelters for the goats. One part of the barn is now converted in to an workshop with all our construction tools and materials. At one side of the barn we converted the shelters in to one large camping kitchen where we prepare the daily menu for the guests.  In the other main part of the barn we have created our camping “living room” with bar, large tables, terrace. Due to this location most guests soon spoke about “Going to the large barn” so thats the name we give it.

The barn is open for all guests to meet, play, read a book, use the computer or order something to drink and eat. In the barn you will find a couple of large tables you can sit at in the shadow or in the front and the back on the terrace in the sun. We offer a lot of mostly Dutch books and magazines and many toys like dolls, cars and games to play with. Also we have a dartboard for adults and one for children you can use for free. In most cases we are very welcome to join you in a little dart competition.

Upstairs you will find the billiard and baby foot table. Also we have plenty of Lego to play with. A nice place for the elderly children and adults.

Veel touristische informatie uit de Allier, Auvergne.In the corner of the barn we have many binders full with local tourism information. Tours we have discovered, information of cities and towns. Castles to visit in the Allier, fishing trips and many more. On the front door we daily inform you about local markets and other interesting tourism activities.

At the bar it is always possible to order a drink from thee to beer and eat something like French fries or a healthy summer salad. For sure we also server different types of ice cream. But also if you bring some drinks by your own it is no problem at all.

At the back of the barn we have a large terrace where we server a nice dinner every evening for the clients who join in. After the dinner most will hang out here to play a additional game of jeu de boules, cards or just talk and read a book.