Camping Les Tournesols de Beaulieu

Visitors during your stay

Our campsite is small. Receiving visitors during your stay is fun but also means more people, more noise, more cars, more children playing, more use of the toilet building, etc. Receiving visitors on the campsite is therefore subject to these rules.

Would you like to receive visitors on the campsite please ask in advance about the possibilities. When we have given you permission to receive visitors, the visitors should first notify us of there arrival before they enter the premises. Visitors can not park their cars on the campsite or at the car parking. Visitors cannot use the swimming pool without permission. Visitors are allowed between 10.00 and 22.00.

Visitors must apply to all legal rules of the campsite. Receiving visitors may not give nuisance to other guests.

Costs for receiving visitors is € 2,00 per person. The fees must be paid at the start of the visit in cash.

The campsite owners do always have the right to decline access to the campsite for the visitor.

An additional fee of €2,50 per visitor is charged and needs to be paid upon arrival in cash to the owner.